£150 Council Tax energy bills rebate

Information about the utility energy rebate and how you will receive your payment

As part of the Government’s initiative to help households with rising energy costs, a £150 Energy Bills Rebate has been announced for certain households. Most households in Council Tax bands A-D are included.

Please be aware that we will never cold call you to request your bank details. 

Who received the £150 rebate?

This round of support is now complete and closed

Most householders in Council Tax band A to D properties qualified for this rebate:

  • your property is in a Council Tax band A to D (or if you are in a band E property and you receive a disabled band reduction)
  • you are liable to pay Council Tax
  • your property is occupied as someone's sole or main residence

You were not entitled to this rebate if:

  • your property is a holiday home or second home
  • your property is not someone's sole or main residence on 1 April 2022
  • your property is in a Council Tax band E to H (unless band E and a disabled band reduction is applicable)

Please note there was only one payment per household.

What if I didn't cash my cheque payment?

For any households who were paid by cheque and did not/were unable to cash it by 1 September, these have been cancelled. Instead, to ensure the household still benefits from the rebate, a £150 credit has been placed on their Council Tax account.

I’m not in a band A to D, but I still need help

Discretionary funding was made available to Councils to support households who are in need but may not be eligible under the scheme detailed above known as the Discretionary Fund. The following households will be eligible for a discretionary payment of £150:

  • be liable for council tax, in receipt of Council Tax Support and occupying a property in council tax bands E to H
  • be liable for council tax and occupying a property in Bands E to H and is exempt from council tax due to being severely mentally impaired, Student or a care leaver aged under 25.
  • be liable for council tax and occupying a property in Bands E to H and receive a student or severe mental impairment disregard discount
  • be liable for council tax and occupying a property in Bands F to H and receive a disabled band reduction
  • were in emergency accommodation on 1 April 2022 following a placement by our Housing Team to prevent homelessness and have become liable for council tax prior to 1 October 2022 and occupy a property in any council tax band and have not received an energy rebate payment.
  • have had a banding appeal decision from the Valuation Office Agency before 1 October 2022 and the band is now between A to D

Beginning 25 July, payments will be made via Cheque or BACS depending on how you pay your Council Tax. Please allow 10 working days to receive your payment.

Our full rebate policy

If you fall outside the above criteria but still need assistance you can apply for a discretionary energy rebate payment.

Additional support and advice