Are you renting?

Useful information if you rent your home

Please note: The temporary ban on bailiff enforcement action which had been introduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has now been lifted. However, there are still some temporary changes in place with regards to the serving of a Section 21 notice which mean that for any notices served between 1 June and 30 September 2021 a landlord must give a  four month minimum notice period rather than two months which was the case prior to 26 March 2020.

Your responsibilities as a tenant
As a tenant you have both rights and responsibilities which can be found in your tenancy agreement. The most important responsibilities are to pay the rent and to look after the property. Further advice on  managing your tenancy can be found on Shelter

If you are struggling to pay the rent it is important that you act promptly. Rent arrears can grow very quickly and if you have unpaid debts it will affect your chances of obtaining loans and a permanent place to live in the future. 

Information on support with your rent

Your Landlord's responsibilities 
Your landlord has responsibilities to offer and maintain your home to a reasonable standard and houses in multiple occupation have additional Landlord duties.  

Most landlords are responsible and provide a much needed service, but rogue landlords still exist. It is a criminal act to harass or illegally evict a tenant and Shelter's advice on harassment and illegal eviction explains what to do if you are in dispute with your landlord.