Other parking permits, dispensations and bay suspensions

Family Carers’ permits

If you are infirm, disabled or housebound and receive help from regular visitors, you can receive free carers’ permits. This allows your visitor to unrestricted parking within your zone.

If you are renewing your Family Carers’ permit before the expiration of your paper permit, you will need to create an account with MiPermit to apply for a digital permit.


Professional Carers’ permits

This permit allows doctors, home helps, social workers and others who regularly visit an elderly or infirm resident up to three hours parking valid in all parking zones. The charge for this permit is £60.

If you are applying for a Professional carer's permit for the first time  please telephone: 0345 520 7007 or email: help@mipermit.com to setup a MiPermit account. Once a MiPermit account has been created you can then apply for a Professional Carer Permit.

Third permit application process

Residents parking permits are generally limited to two per property. However, following an inspection, a third permit may be authorised if no suitable off-road parking exists.

There is a non-refundable charge for the inspection, and if a third permit is authorised additional permit fees will apply.

Temporary visitor permits

This permit allows non-residents to park all day in designated Residents' Parking Bays in any zone, but are not valid in Limited Waiting Bays or Pay & Display bays (including Shared Use bays). The charge is £42 for six days' parking (valid for a six-day period).

The permit should be completed in ink with the vehicle registration number, the day and date the permit is being used and the zone number you are parking in. Do not overwrite or re-use any section as this invalidates the permit.

The Council reserves the right to refuse to issue visitors' permits in certain circumstances.

You can give a tradesperson one of your visitor permits or alternatively they can purchase a temporary visitor permit.

Bay Suspensions and Dispensations

Bay suspension

You can arrange to have a bay suspension in a street where restrictions apply, if you are:

  • moving to/from a house, or
  • having a skip outside your property.

Dispensation parking waiver

You can arrange a dispensation parking waiver if:

  • a contractor needs to park a commercial vehicle, in a resident parking bay, or
  • a commercial vehicle needs to park where restrictions otherwise prohibit.