Abandoned vehicles and shopping trolleys

Report an abandoned vehicle or shopping trolley

Abandoned vehicles
An assessment will be made by council officers in respect of any report received of a potential abandoned vehicle. Consideration will be given to the following:        

  • If the vehicle is untaxed for a significant period of time (a vehicle that is untaxed for a short while but in otherwise good condition may not necessarily be considered as abandoned)
  • If the vehicle has no valid MOT it may not necessarily be considered as abandoned. Find out more.
  • Stationary for a significant amount of time - council officers may need to observe the vehicle at the reported location for a period of time to help determine if it’s abandoned before any response is undertaken.
  • Significantly damaged - this can include, but not limited to, flat tyres, smashed windows, bodywork missing etc.
  • Run down or un-roadworthy - for example significant accident damage.
  • Burnt out and deemed to be unsafe.

If the vehicle is parked in an unsafe or illegal manner and/or causing an obstruction, please inform the Police.
You can report an untaxed vehicle that you’ve seen on a public road anonymously to DVLA 

If the reported vehicle is found to be abandoned, a notice will be issued notifying the owner that they have either 24 hours, seven days, or 14 days to remove the vehicle depending on its condition and location. 

Abandoned vehicles on private property are generally the responsibility of the landowner who will need to make their own arrangements for their removal at their own expense, but the Council may consider action in certain circumstances.

Abandoned shopping trolleys
The Council no longer collects abandoned trolleys - so if you see an abandoned shopping trolley please report it to Trolleywise who will arrange for its collection.