Trees owned and managed by the Council

Our Tree Services team manages borough-owned trees in line with our Policy for Trees on Public Land.

We will not, unless legally obliged to do so, undertake works to otherwise healthy and well-formed trees for reasons of: 

  • Branches overhanging adjacent property/gardens etc
  • Size or height (trees are naturally large organisms)
  • Shedding of leaf, seed, fir cone, twig, flower litter and fruit debris and general vegetative detritus 
  • Loss of light or shading of gardens, rooms or solar panels 
  • Interference with transmitted signals (TV, satellite or other forms of electronic communication or reception)
  • Honeydew secretion
  • Reduced security by virtue of concealment or reduced visibility
  • Alleged damage to property/gardens by roots or branches (direct or indirect)
  • Bird droppings and vermin
  • Interference with BT & electricity company services 
  • Vandalism such as thrown apples
  • Hay fever/ allergies
  • Dampness/ algae/ moss
  • To create or reinstate private views

The Council's Policy On Trees