Borough Profile

Statistics relating to Eastleigh Borough’s population

This page provides access to a wide range of statistics on various aspects of the Borough’s population. These statistics are largely drawn from the results of the 2021 Census. A summary report (26 pages) of the 2021 Census findings for the Borough can be accessed here: Findings of the 2021 Census.

The first link below gives access to maps showing the boundaries of the Borough and the other Hampshire Local Authorities, as well as those for the Borough’s Local Areas, Wards, and Lower-layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs). The subsequent links provide access to five separate sets of slides that present statistical data on the various areas outlined by the maps. While all five sets have a section on the general population, those for the Borough, Local Areas, and LSOAs add six further sections on the themes of Deprivation, Environment, Economy, Health, Housing, and Identity.

0. Maps: (19 slides)
1. Hampshire Local Authorities: (10 slides)
2. Eastleigh Borough: (65 slides)
3. Local Areas: (45 slides)
4. Wards: (45 slides)
5. Lower-layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs): (9 slides)