King Charles III’s Coronation

How to organise a street party

If you are planning a street party to celebrate the King Charles III’s Coronation, you must complete the special coronation street party application form. We will waive the fee for street party road closures held between 5 and 9 May 2023. The waiving of the street party fee applies to residents of residential streets only and does not apply to traders or commercial enterprises seeking to close roads and charge a fee to attendees.

You will need to plan in plenty of time, applications will close on 25 March for anyone wishing to hold a street party over the bank holiday weekend (Friday 5 May to Monday 8 May 2023). You will be contacted within four weeks of your application to confirm whether your street party has been approved.

If you are formally closing your road, there must be very clear signs placed on display at the road closure points.  Contingency plans must be made to enable obstructions to be removed quickly should emergency vehicles  need to gain access. 

How to apply

Before you start the application you will need the following:

  • The name of the road you are proposing to close and the dates and times of closure. Please note the maximum road closure is for 12 hours duration.
  • A brief list of properties affected.
  • A copy of a letter sent to all residents affected with an option to respond to any questions/concerns
  • If the road(s) you wish to close are used by through traffic you will need to attach a traffic plan showing the exact extent of the closure and an alternative route for traffic. Please note, classified roads cannot be closed for street parties.
  • If you are planning to close a road which is part of a bus route you will need to consult the bus company and attach a copy of their response.
  • If you are planning a road closure you will also need to consult any businesses in the wider area that may be affected. If you have already consulted them you will need to attach a copy of your consultation invitation or notice and confirm the date it was sent.

Download application form

What happens next

Once you have submitted your form and any attachments we will look at what you are proposing and process your application. This includes consulting with the Highway Authority, Emergency Services and Public Transport Operators. Once this has been assessed, we will get back to you to let you know the outcome within four weeks.

Other useful information

The following websites have some useful information to help you meet the basic legal requirements for a street party:

If you have any questions, please contact the Traffic Team