Access markings and dropped kerbs

H-bar access markings

H-bar access markings indicate that part of the carriageway should be kept clear of waiting vehicles to allow access to off-street premises or a private drive.  The markings are also used when a dropped kerb has been installed to provide a convenient crossing place for pedestrians.

Dropped kerb

Important information - due to the unprecedented levels of enquiries and subsequent bookings for dropped kerb installations we are now fully booked. We are unable to undertake any more quotations or work until further notice, hopefully our bookings will reopen later in the year. If you do not want to wait for the council to do the work you can use other reputable contractors.

To apply to have a dropped kerb installed on the road adjacent to your property you will need permission from Hampshire County Council.  You can also apply for an existing access to be widened.

Our Direct Services team has wide experience of installing dropped kerbs and provide a fast, high quality service with no hidden extra costs.  If you would like a to arrange a quotation please email us or phone us on 023 8068 8000.

Please note, if you have a dropped kerb outside your property and someone else has parked across it, you will need to contact us for advice.