Disabled parking bays

Apply for a disabled parking bay near to your home

To be able to apply for a disabled parking bay, you must:

  • have a valid Blue Badge issued by Hampshire County Council
  • drive a vehicle that is registered and kept at their address

If you do not drive but rely on another family member or carer to transport you on a regular basis, a bay will only be provided where the driver permanently resides at the same address. A photocopy of both sides of the Blue Badge and the vehicle registration document must be submitted with the application.

A disabled parking bay will only be provided if:

  • there is an on-street parking problem close to your home
  • there are no alternative off-street parking facilities (e.g. rented or owned garage or hard standing). If the off-street parking facility is unsuitable (e.g. too narrow to accommodate a wheelchair) the bay may be provided. Supporting information must be submitted with the application.

As soon as your application is received, a visit will be arranged, if necessary, to assess your individual circumstances. If approved, you will then be informed of the procedure.

Wherever possible, the bay will be placed outside your property. If this is not possible or there is a preferred location for the bay, a sketch and short explanation must be submitted with the application. If you wish the bay to be placed outside a neighbour’s property, please provide written support from your neighbour.

Existing Waiting Restrictions
The bay will not be provided where existing single or double-yellow lines apply. In cases where waiting restrictions apply, you may be picked up or set down at the appropriate location. The driver should then move the vehicle to a suitable parking place.

Disabled persons parking bays cannot be reserved for a particular person or vehicle and no guarantee can be given that a particular bay will always be available for any particular person. Any driver using a disabled persons parking bay must display a Blue Badge at all times failure to do so may result in a penalty charge notice being issued.

The need for the disabled persons parking bay will be reviewed on a regular basis. If we receive no response to the review letter and reminder letters, it is assumed the person who required the bay is no longer living in the property and as a result the bay will be removed. If subsequently we are notified the bay was still required it can be reinstalled on production of the relevant documents. However, in this instance a charge of £255+VAT will be required before the bay is reinstated. 

Bay Removal
You must notify us immediately if you move house, cease to be a Blue Badge holder, or no longer require the bay or meet the criteria for the marking.