Eastleigh Residents parking scheme

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In some areas of Eastleigh and Chandler's Ford we operate a parking scheme for residents.  In September 2019 we introduced a digital permit scheme.

Resident permits

Each household can apply for a maximum of two permits, a third permit may be issued at the discretion of the Council if off-street parking can't practically be provided at the property.

New on-street resident parking permit charges

On-street parking, including Civil Parking Enforcement, is the responsibility of Hampshire County Council (as the Highway Authority) and Eastleigh Borough Council have operated this service on the County Council’s behalf for a number of years.

As part of the County Council’s proposals to modernise on-street parking, it has taken back the on-street parking service in a number of districts across Hampshire. Eastleigh Borough Council have, however, entered into a new agreement with the County Council to be able to continue to deliver the service from 1 April 2020 onwards.

Residential Parking Schemes are costly to operate, manage and maintain and therefore it’s very important they operate on a full cost recovery basis so that they are not subsidised by the wider council tax payer. Therefore, Hampshire County Council introduced changes to resident permit charges across Hampshire with the introduction of a minimum £50 charge for the first permit within each household.

However, the Borough Council, in consultation with the County Council agreed transitional arrangements to minimise the impact for Eastleigh residents, with permit prices increasing incrementally each year from 2020 to achieve the minimum £50 charge.

Permit charges from 1 April 2022:

1st Permit - £50
2nd Permit - £100
3rd Permit - £200. Please download and complete an Inspection Application Form and return it to Eastleigh Borough Council with the required non-refundable administration fee of £25.

Visitor permits

If you live within a controlled zone, you will be entitled to a number of free visitor parking permits. These allow your visitors to park in designated residents’ parking bays near to your home. Visitor permits allow all day parking in designated Residents' Parking bays, but are not valid in Limited Waiting bays or Pay & Display bays (including shared use bays).  The number of permits you will receive depends on the number of adults (aged 18 and over) in your household and the parking zone you live in.

Manage your visit permit allocation

You can also use SMS to activate visitor permits if you have registered your mobile phone number on your account.. 

If you have visitor permits to use on your account, you can send an SMS (text message) to 61600 (or 60300) with the following (examples):

Text VISITOR followed by a space and the registration number of the visiting vehicle eg


This will allow your visitor in vehicle A123BCD to park until the end of the parking restrictions in your zone. 

Further details on using SMS or you may prefer to manage your visitor permits via the MiPermit App for your smart phone. 

All Zones

Number of adults

Number of visitor permits








175 (maximum)

Please click below to create your online MiPermit account and to apply for your permit(s), or alternatively, telephone MiPermit on 023 8068 8438

Renewing your parking permit

Before your paper permit expires, you must create an account with MiPermit to then apply for a digital permit


Changes of address or vehicle

If you move out of the parking zone or change your vehicle, you must return your paper permit to Eastleigh Borough Council for cancellation.  You will receive a refund for any complete unused months by cheque within 21 days of receipt of the application and returned permit. A refund can only be made if the original permit is returned to us.  Refunds of £5 or less will not be paid.


Please click below to apply for your new permit with your new address and/or vehicle details.