Consultation on Local List

Proposed update of the Local List - Local Information Requirements for the Validation of Planning and related Applications


What is a Local List?

The Local List covers the information that Eastleigh Borough Council requires to be submitted with a planning application to make it valid, over and above the national information requirements set by the Government. 

The Local List is set out in a table format, outlining the type of information required and when it is required, along with guidance on format and content. 

Why is an updated Local List required?

An update is required to take account of up to date national policy and legislation, and to align with the policies of the Adopted Eastleigh Borough Local Plan (2016-2036). 

Draft Updated Local List

Consultation period and process

The Council is inviting comments on the draft Local List and the consultation period ends on 31 January 2024.  Any comments received will be considered in the preparation of the final Local List before it is published on the Council’s website. 

How to make a comment

Any comments or observations can be made via Citizens Space using the button below.

If the survey link does not work, you can direct your responses by email to: with the subject title 'Consultation on Local List'.


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