Standing in solidarity with Ukraine

Borough response to Ukraine crisis - and how you can help

The Borough of Eastleigh is showing its support for the people of Ukraine following the country's invasion by Russia.

The flag of Ukraine will be flown in the Leigh Road Recreation Ground as mark of the Borough's solidarity with its people.

Borough's Response: Statement by the Mayor of Eastleigh, Councillor Cynthia Garton

The Mayor of Eastleigh, Councillor Cynthia Garton, said: “Everyone will have seen in the media the appalling actions of Russian Leader Vladimir Putin with the unprovoked attack and invasion of Ukraine. This is bringing catastrophic loss of life and huge human suffering. Large numbers of Ukrainians are being forced to leave their country and we will do our best to support any of them who need our help, including potential refugees.”

"We have many families from Ukraine living in our Borough, and they are very much in our thoughts at this time. We will be flying the Ukrainian flag to send a strong message that the people of Ukraine know that the Borough of Eastleigh stands with them against this illegal invasion.”

Homes for Ukraine 

The British public are now being asked to open their homes to those fleeing war in Ukraine.

This bespoke scheme will offer a route to those who want to come to the UK who have someone here willing to provide them with a home. It will enable individuals, charities, community groups and businesses to volunteer accommodation and provide a route to safety for Ukrainians, and their immediate family members, forced to escape their homeland.

Sponsors should provide accommodation for as long as they are able, but there is a minimum expectation of 6 months. 

If you are interested, you can find out more and how to register on the government's website

On the government's website you will also find some answers to frequently asked questions about the scheme 

The government announced on 11 April, that Council Tax regulations confirm that sponsors claiming the single householder council tax discount will not lose their discount if they host Ukrainian guests. A 50 per cent discount would now also apply for empty or second homes that are used to house guests on the Homes for Ukraine Scheme. More information can be found on their website 

How are sponsors being matched with Ukrainian refugees?

Phase One of the government's scheme is for sponsors who have a specific named person or a named family member they would like to host (see frequently asked questions link above.) In the meantime, there are charities and community organisations who are helping to match refugees and sponsors, we'll update these as we know more:

What happens if we have already identified a family and completed the Visa process? 

Hampshire County Council is the lead authority on this and are the authority who the government will liaise with.  Hampshire County Council will be conducting home visits and DBS checks for those within our Borough (and other districts within Hampshire.) We will of course support this as needed.  Hampshire County Council has advised that individual sponsors will be contacted directly by them (by phone) to arrange the home visits as soon as they have notified by the government who the sponsors are via the Visa process. 

Hampshire County Council has a section on their website with the latest information and advise that those households that have already completed the visa process and have a family waiting to stay with should have received an email and are likely to be contacted about a home visit in the next few days. On the website there is advice for sponsors and advice for Ukrainian guests, such as school places or claiming child benefit 

Hampshire County Council has also produced a sponsorship process guide 

On the government's website there is information for Ukrainians arriving in the UK. Hampshire County Council also have some useful welcome information on their website which includes how to get access to education, childcare and healthcare. 


Organisations supporting Ukraine

A number of charities are supporting people impacted by the invasion of Ukraine. If you would like to add your support, the organisations below have been appealing for donations*.

Update: we understand that, due to the overwhelming response of generous Borough residents, some of the local organisations listed are unable to accept any more items due to capacity issues. Please phone or email them before making a journey:


The Polish Social Club in Southampton are using the former Toys R Us building in Southampton as a collection point for donations. The various drop off times can be found on their facebook page.

CRY Children's Charity
The three CRY Shops in the Borough are actively supporting the people of Ukraine and are accepting monetary donations.


British-Ukrainian Aid 
supports victims of the ongoing war, orphaned children, internally displaced persons, the wounded and others in need. It has launched a JustGiving appeal.

Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain 
(AUGB), the appeal is raising funds to provide accredited and registered Ukrainian charities with medicine, food and vital services.

supports with lifesaving aid for families and emergency shelter

British Red Cross

*Please check with the organisations' websites or Facebook Pages for period of collection, details of drop-off times, and other information

Let us know how you are supporting the people of Ukraine

We will use this page to update on what the Council is doing - and to signpost to appeals for donations and other activities around the Borough.

If you are involved in an appeal, or in any other activity supporting the people of Ukraine, please let us know and we will include it on this page.
Email: (certain restrictions apply)