Neighbourhood noise bothering you?

Noise can affect anyone at different times in their day to day life. Everyone makes noise, it is part of a vibrant borough. While some tolerance is needed, we understand the impact that some noise can have. This is your home and community, and we know most residents want to be good neighbours.

What to do first

Speak to the person responsible, let them know how their noise is affecting you. We have produced a letter template including words/phrases for you to use.

Speak to the landlord if you or your neighbour live in a rented home. They can often help.

Noise complaints can be tricky to solve, more so when we get involved. We don’t want to stop you asking for help, we just want you to know that sometimes there will be limits on what we can do, and we’ll have our hands tied.

Before we can investigate, we would expect you to have tried to contact the person responsible or their landlord. If this doesn’t sort out the problem, or you can’t talk to the person, we might be able to help.