Activity Buddy Scheme

Where local volunteers work with individuals to encourage them to lead a more active and healthier life

What is the Activity Buddy Scheme?
The scheme is based at Places Leisure Eastleigh and sees local volunteers work on a one-to-one basis with individuals who have a disability to encourage and motivate them to achieve their goals, provide assistance and help them breakdown any barriers to participation in active, healthy and community living. These paired up buddies can take part in a variety of sport and activities on offer at Places Leisure Eastleigh, including use of the swimming pools and gym facilities.

How does the Activity Buddy Scheme operate?

Potential volunteers are required to attend an induction session which includes: disability awareness training, a tour of the leisure setting, and a Disclosure and Barring Service check. Volunteer activity buddies are to make a commitment to accompany and support a disabled person for an hour a week to enable them to participate in sport and physical activity. The Activity Buddy Coordinator matches volunteers with disabled users who have requested a buddy based on availability and activity preference. 

How do I request to have an Activity Buddy?

If you feel you would benefit from having an activity buddy to support you taking part in an activity at Places Leisure Centre, please complete the assistance request form below and return to HealthWorks via email or by post. Please provide as much detail as possible, clearly stating the days, times and activity you would like to participate in.

Think you could be an Activity Buddy?

Our activity buddies play a crucial role in providing friendly support and encouragement to adults living with a physical or learning disability.

Person specification and skills required:

  • Over 16 years old
  • Has an interest in sport, health and fitness
  • Committed to equal opportunities
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Patient, friendly, approachable and good listener
  • Confident and diplomatic
  • Enthusiastic, reliable and motivational
  • Open-minded and proactive in assistance 

Roles and responsibilities:

  • To complete the Activity Buddy training
  • To accompany your buddy during activity and provide additional support 
  • To provide additional support during training sessions or when required (at a convenient time for both buddies)
  • To motivate, encourage and befriend an individual with a disability and support them in achieving their personal fitness and skill aims
  • To help break down barriers to participation for people with disabilities such as access and communication.

Buddies will not be expected to:

  • Physically lift users 
  • Provide training advice unless authorised to
  • Provide transport to and from the activity 
  • Assist with changing or personal care
  • Assist with or administer medication
  • Pay towards activities 

If additional personal support is required this is not the role of the activity buddy but of the personal assistant or carer of the user when required. 

How do I become an Activity Buddy?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the scheme, please complete the application form below and return to HealthWorks via email or by post. Please provide as much detail as possible, stating days and times you are available to volunteer on a weekly basis.