Missed bin

What to do if your bin isn't collected on the normal day of collection

Your bin and communal bin collections can take place any time after 6.30am on the day of collection.

We try our best to empty all bins on the allocated collection day but sometimes we are unable to, for instance if we were unable to access the road.

If we are unable to a collect bin because it has been overfilled or contains the wrong items, our team will leave a bin hanger on your bin to let you know the reason why we were unable to empty it.

If we have not emptied your bin and no hanger has been left, please report it as a missed bin by the end of the following working day. Please don't report it before 2pm on the day of collection, as it may be that our crews are still out working and are on their way to it.

If we've missed your bin, once you've reported it we will return and empty the bin at the earliest opportunity, so please leave it at your usual collection point. 

If you did not put your bin out in time for it to be collected, we may charge you if we return to collect it. To find out more, please read our Domestic waste and recycling policy

Advice to residents for non-collected bins is to leave your bin out and we will collect it as soon as we can.