Missed bin

What to do if your bin isn't collected on the normal day of collection

Covid-19 update

One of the effects of the current Covid-19 situation is the increase in people having to self-isolate. Like many organisations, some Council staff are having to self-isolate and this may result in some disruption to our services, including our waste and recycling collection services. 

We collect bins from around 12,000 homes a day, but this may be affected if some of our collection crews have to self-isolate. Over the next few weeks we will be updating this page with latest updates to help keep you informed. 

For any roads we list here, there is no need to complete a missed bin form. Advice to residents for non-collected bins is to leave your bin out and we will collect it as soon as we can.

Friday 21 October  

There were non collections in the following areas:

Food Waste - Gordon Road, Nichol Road, Queens Road, Randall Road, – Chandler’s Ford

Black Bin - Conway Close, Oxburgh Close, Penrhyn Close Launceston Drive (part of), 
Dyram Close, Knowle Hill – Chandler’s Ford

Your bin and communal bin collections can take place any time after 6.30am on the day of collection.

We try our best to empty all bins on the collection day allocated however, sometimes we are unable to empty bins that contain incorrect items or we are unable to access a road. 

When we are unable to collect a bin, if for example the bin contains the wrong items, our team will leave a bin hanger on your bin to let you know the reason why we were unable to empty it. 

If we have not emptied your bin and no hanger has been left to tell you why, please report it as a missed bin on the next working day. Our crews can work until 5pm each day and your collection may take place in the afternoon.  

Once reported, if we have missed your bin we will return and empty the bin at the earliest opportunity, so please leave it at your usual collection point

Please note that if you do not leave your bin out in time for it to be collected, we may charge you if we return to collect it.

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