Armed Forces Personnel

Housing advice following discharge from military service

The government is committed to ensuring that armed forces personnel can get appropriate housing help and advice to find suitable alternative housing following discharge from the forces.

Currently serving services personnel can get housing advice from the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) housing advice service, the Joint Services Housing Advice Offices (JSHAO). The JSHAO can provide housing information for personnel wishing to move to civilian housing during their career or those seeking resettlement at the end of their career.

Further information about the JSHAO and the advice and support they can offer

Veterans UK provide a helpline together with contact details for various organisations that can offer advice and support for current and former service personnel.

Homelessness Prevention - Armed Forces Personnel
When you leave the forces you are no longer entitled to accommodation provided by the MOD.  Six months prior to the end of your service in the Armed Forces, the MOD will issue a Certificate of Cessation of Entitlement detailing the date you are no longer eligible for accommodation. If you have not secured alternative accommodation to move to following your discharge - and you may, as a result, be threatened with homelessness, you can ask us for help.   Eight weeks prior to the expiration of your Certificate of Cessation, you can be considered as threatened with homelessness within 56 days in accordance with the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017.

We will work with you to assess your needs, provide advice and create a Personalised Housing Plan to support you to seek and secure suitable alternative accommodation. 

Hampshire Home Choice - Armed Forces Personnel
Whether you are serving in the regular forces and living in armed forces accommodation, or you have served in the regular forces within the past five years, you are eligible for inclusion on the Hampshire Home Choice register for an allocation of social housing under Part VI of the Housing Act 1996. 

Unfortunately, due to the high demand for social housing in the Hampshire Home Choice region, all applicants will experience a long wait. It is therefore important that you contact us to explore alternative housing options while you wait  for an allocation through Hampshire Home Choice.        

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