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UPDATE on Planning Applications

For a number of years we have been moving towards making our planning application process fully digital, including assessment of applications, issuing the Council’s decision, and other parts of the process.

The current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic means we are reviewing our contingency plans for when our service is disrupted. With most of our staff working from home - because of the social distancing measures brought in by the government - but still having access to our network, we are still able to process planning applications that are received online; however, there are likely to be delays for applications submitted on paper as we are not able to access these and cannot create the digital versions our planning process requires. We therefore strongly recommend that all customers should submit their applications electronically via the Planning Portal (please note that submissions via the portal do carry a fee). This will give us the best chance of delivering our service to you in a timely manner.

If you have already submitted a planning application and you wish to submit further information to either validate your application or post-validation drawings; or if you have already obtained permission and you wish to apply for an amendment, these can also be done through the portal.

The planning applications service is run by our Development Management team who deal with the day-to-day decisions of individual applications for planning permission, and ensures that they are consistent with the adopted policies and guidance.

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